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Welcome to Chelsea, OK!

Chelsea is a small town in Northeast Oklahoma.  We have a wonderful and growing community.  If you are visiting, check out some things that you can do while here! 


Get your Kicks under Route 66!  

If you’re looking for a fun Oklahoma roadside attraction, head to the Route 66 Pedestrian Underpass. It’s the only one of its kind in the Sooner State and a fun place to explore to show the kids a piece of Oklahoma’s history. In 2016, Chelsea, Oklahoma gave an old pedestrian underpass a deep clean and makeover. After clearing out debris and built-up dirt, Chelsea turned the underpass over to artist Kenneth Hollingshead to start creating a historical Route 66 Pedestrian Underpass Mural. This mural pays tribute to historical elements of Chelsea, from a 1930s gas station to the Hogue House. Come take a walk through one of the only open underpasses on the Oklahoma stretch of the Mother Road while taking in bits of Route 66 and Chelsea history. 

chelsea-motel copy.jpg

The Chelsea Motel 

The Chelsea Hotel is at the intersection of Historic Route 66, called N. Walnut Ave.  locally, and E. First St. in Chelsea, OK.  The motel is privately owned and used for storage.  It is not accessible to the public but can be viewed from the public right of way. The Chelsea Motel was evidence of that vibrant period when Route 66 helped transform the social and economic landscape of Middle America. Automobile traffic on Route 66 led to the creation of the Chelsea Motel and it responded to the demands of bigger facilities and amenities like telephones and air conditioning. The Chelsea Motel was one of the most prominent businesses on Walnut Avenue, complete with a large, elaborate neon sign.  The simple stucco rectangular building held six motel units.

chelsea-motel copy.jpg
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